Interactive Mapping enables users to access and explore digital spatial information in an easy-to-use Web interface that is similar to a geographic information system (GIS). The Interactive Mapping Services do not provide full GIS functionality, but do provide tools for visual exploration of the data, including displaying, zooming in and out, panning, querying, and printing. For users interested in performing in-depth analyses of the data, please see the GIS Data page.

Central Coast Interactive Mapping
The Central Coast Interactive Mapping Service establishes the GIS framework for the project area, the coastal hydrologic units (CalWater 2.2.1) from the Marin Headlands south to Point Conception. This service contains small and medium-scale data and imagery that cover the entire project area.

Morro Bay Watershed Pilot Interactive Mapping
The Morro Bay Watershed Pilot Interactive Mapping Service contains all of the data found in the Central Coast Interactive Mapping Service, plus more detailed data sets that are specific to the Morro Bay Watershed.

The Interactive Mapping help provides an introduction to GIS principles and tools. This help is also accessible from the Interactive Mapping Services.

The data used in the Interactive Mapping Services come from a variety of sources and vary in resolution and quality. Consequently, layers may not align perfectly with each other or may not be suitable for overlays. The Interactive Mapping tools allow data to be shrunk or enlarged at will on the screen. However, any data analysis is done at the precision of the data, not at the display scale. Please refer to the metadata, located in the Metadata Library, for data and map scale limitations.

Browser Requirements
PC users must have Internet Explorer 4.0 or greater or Netscape 4.5 or greater to view this site. Mac users must have at least Netscape 4.7.5 or better and may have difficulties viewing the Interactive Mapping Services at this time.

Internet Connections
The Interactive Mapping Services perform optimally when connected to the Internet via a T1 line or wireless network connection. Users connected to the Internet via a dial-up connection may find the Interactive Mapping Services frusturatingly slow.

The Interactive Mapping Services are provided for informational purposes only and are not intended to be used for regulatory or decision-making activities. Please read the full project disclaimer before using the services.